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Trust Services

Rocky Mountain Bank will handle your trust the way you want it handled.

Our Approach

Rocky Mountain Bank offers true flex­i­bil­ity and person­al­ized service in trust admin­is­tra­tion. Our team of profes­sion­als eases the burden of admin­is­tra­tive details, while provid­ing Wyoming advan­tages and the peace of mind offered by a regu­lated corpo­rate trust entity.

RMB is a fully inde­pen­dent finan­cial insti­tu­tion. We are able to work with your existing legal, insur­ance, and tax advisors as well as outside money managers and custo­di­ans. If desired, we can select other profes­sion­als from our network of high-quality providers.

At RMB, we always put your inter­ests first. We are dedi­cated to helping you and your family achieve a secure finan­cial future by provid­ing quality trust services empha­siz­ing flex­i­bil­ity, depend­abil­ity, judgment, and value.

Types of Trust Services

RMB offers a variety of services to help you protect and manage your wealth. Our services include, but are not limited to: Wyoming situs, with all admin­is­tra­tion occur­ring in Wyoming; invest­ment manager selec­tion; invest­ment manager over­sight and review; asset custody; income collec­tion; distri­b­u­tions; cash sweep; record­keep­ing; periodic state­ments; tax report­ing and tax return prepa­ra­tion; and moni­tor­ing the trust document for changes in Wyoming law.

RMB offers full-service discre­tionary trustee services, provid­ing the conve­nience of having all your trust manage­ment needs met by a single provider; partic­u­larly an audited and regu­lated inde­pen­dent finan­cial insti­tu­tion that under­stands the dynamics of modern trusts. In these rela­tion­ships we offer expert fidu­ciary admin­is­tra­tion, report­ing and record­keep­ing, asset custody, money manager selec­tion, and secure account access.

We place strong emphasis on faith­fully carrying out the trust’s objec­tives, and assure invest­ments adhere to the trust’s govern­ing document and invest­ment policy state­ment. We will also serve as trustee for a variety of unique and non-finan­cial assets on a case-by-case basis. As discre­tionary trustee, RMB offers maximum flex­i­bil­ity. We will work with you and your family advisors to create a custom plan meeting your expec­ta­tions and unique needs.

If you wish to combine the benefits and safety of a corpo­rate trustee with the personal rela­tion­ship of an indi­vid­ual trustee, RMB offers an ideal solution. We may serve as a co-trustee, working with your selected indi­vid­ual fidu­cia­ries while provid­ing the stabil­ity and admin­is­tra­tive exper­tise of a corpo­rate trust department.

Under Wyoming law a trustee is allowed to delegate certain duties and powers to others. This often involves the dele­ga­tion of invest­ment manage­ment to other profes­sion­als, co-trustees, or trust advisors, with RMB serving as fidu­ciary and peri­od­i­cally review­ing the perfor­mance and compli­ance of the dele­gated function. A dele­gated arrange­ment with RMB can be an effec­tive way for a non-Wyoming trust to change situs to Wyoming for tax purposes, obtain profes­sional Wyoming admin­is­tra­tion, and retain the construc­tion and validity of the home state trust document.

In a directed trust, the grantor appoints a co-trustee, trust adviser, commit­tee, or party other than the directed trustee to control certain deci­sions such as invest­ment manage­ment or distri­b­u­tions. By select­ing RMB as your directed trustee, you may benefit from the advan­tages of trust situs and admin­is­tra­tion in Wyoming, yet maintain control over invest­ment and disburse­ment decisions.

Advantages of select­ing RMB as directed trustee for your trust may include:

  • Favorable Wyoming asset protec­tion and tax treatment
  • Professional admin­is­tra­tion by a regu­lated corpo­rate entity
  • Control over investments
  • Control over distributions
  • Significant cost savings

As a directed admin­is­tra­tive trustee, RMB offers flex­i­bil­ity, control, conve­nience and expert support.

While many trust manage­ment firms do not wish to serve as trustee to ILITs until they are funded by the policy proceeds, RMB is willing to alle­vi­ate the admin­is­tra­tive burden both during the insured’s lifetime and follow­ing their death.

There are two levels of service, corre­spond­ing to the insured’s life-cycle.

Administrative Trustee (during insured’s lifetime):

  • Create trust account
  • Transfer policies to trust
  • Purchase new policies
  • Pay policy premiums
  • Prepare and distrib­ute Crummey notices
  • Tax report­ing
  • Monitor insur­ance compa­nies and policies

For the above services a flat, annual fee is assessed deter­mined by the complex­ity of duties required and whether or not RMB is acting as directed trustee.

Administrative Trustee (after insured’s death):

  • Collect policy proceeds
  • Distribute proceeds or continue admin­is­tra­tion as full, dele­gated, or directed trustee

Following the funding of the trust with policy proceeds, the account will change to a fee struc­ture to be deter­mined by the elected service level and trustee role.

For indi­vid­u­als seeking to domicile finan­cial assets in Wyoming, RMB offers a quality solution. Through an agree­ment with Fifth Third Bank, RMB may serve as custo­dian of your finan­cial assets in a Non-Managed Custodial Agency Account. By placing your assets with RMB as custo­dian, you may benefit from domi­cil­ing assets in Wyoming, while main­tain­ing full author­ity to invest your assets accord­ing to your invest­ment plan. RMB may also be able to inter­face with the money manager of your choice. RMB provides an ideal solution for those who wish to fully house their assets under Wyoming’s advan­ta­geous legal and tax system.

RMB offers an ideal solution for finan­cial advisory firms seeking to offer trust services to their clients. RMB retains the flex­i­bil­ity to work with most money managers, allowing the advisor to remain as invest­ment manager to the trust, and rely upon RMB as a value-added partner to provide admin­is­tra­tive trustee services. Combined with the advan­tages of Wyoming situs, RMB is an ideal partner, helping the advisor win loyalty from current clients, and poten­tially gain addi­tional funds under management.

Asset Man­age­ment

RMB does not directly engage in asset manage­ment. At RMB, we believe in serving our customers by provid­ing quality options. Whether you have a rela­tion­ship with a trusted invest­ment advisor, or would like us to select invest­ment manage­ment through our deep resources, we provide tailor-made, quality solutions.

Trust Services Rocky Mountain Bank

RMB Selected

When RMB serves as discre­tionary or dele­gated trustee, we will select profes­sional money manage­ment from a range of quality options. Through a strong rela­tion­ship with Family Management Corporation (FMC), an invest­ment advisory firm head­quar­tered in New York City, and with offices in Wyoming and Florida, we have access to a broad array of quality money managers and invest­ment programs. Through FMC, we are able to create customized invest­ment plans to suit the specific invest­ment goals of your trust. FMC is exclu­sively focused on helping indi­vid­u­als and families protect and grow their wealth, making them an ideal partner to help us safe­guard and grow the assets of your trust.

RMB main­tains a rigorous due dili­gence and moni­tor­ing process, in order to maintain a high level of service and assure your trust assets are receiv­ing the best care in the business.

Client Selected

If you have an estab­lished rela­tion­ship with a money manager you would prefer to manage your trust assets, RMB is willing and able to work with most firms, pending appro­pri­ate due dili­gence. It is RMB’s goal to offer you true flex­i­bil­ity of choice. We are willing to go the extra mile to assure your trust is managed accord­ing to your intent and goals.

RMB Interface

RMB provides a variety of asset report­ing options. For the greatest level of instru­ment and activity detail, we can provide direct inter­faces with most money manage­ment firms. In these cases, infor­ma­tion on each asset is tracked daily, and aggre­gated into the state­ment format of your choice. Additionally, up to date infor­ma­tion is avail­able 24 – 7 through our secure web access portal. Where less detail is required, we are able to aggre­gate data monthly or quar­terly to your trust state­ment, or we may simply attach copies of asset manager state­ments to your regular trust state­ment. No matter what your report­ing needs are, RMB offers a person­al­ized solution.

RMB Custody

In order to provide purely Wyoming-based trust manage­ment service, RMB offers custody service for all trust assets. Whether RMB is select­ing money manage­ment services or you wish to retain your own advisor or broker-dealer, your assets can be domi­ciled in Wyoming. Through our agree­ment with Fifth Third Bank, most money managers may trade your non-managed custody account directly. In cases where this is not possible or desired, RMB may execute trades on the account based on direc­tion from an autho­rized party. As always, our goal is to provide you the best of Wyoming’s advan­tages while provid­ing the widest array of options.