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Wealth & Trust

Keep your legacy safe and trust us with your most valuable asset — your family’s future.

Trust Services

There’s a lot that goes into managing wealth. Rocky Mountain Bank prides itself on having a team you can count on, which is para­mount when you’re planning your family’s future with a trust. We can help assemble you a team of experts (or work with yours) to create a safe, bullet­proof trust agree­ment that will ensure your family is covered — as well as the nitty gritty details.

Wyoming Advantages

Besides the views, outdoor lifestyle, and clean, crisp air, there are a lot of finan­cial advan­tages to living and banking in Wyoming. On the fore­front of situs planning, Wyoming flaunts low taxes, favor­able laws, a quick court system, and reliable admin­is­tra­tion. These all team up to bring you one of the best places to plan a trust or situs in the nation.

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Wealth Management

Rocky Mountain Bank has selected the Family Management Corporation to provide wealth manage­ment solu­tions for our customers. FMC, a regis­tered invest­ment Advisor, manages over $2.4 billion for high net worth families and their related entities. We encour­age you to reach out to FMC to learn more about a person­al­ized plan for you and your family.