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Upgrade your business with a business loan from our team at Rocky Mountain Bank.

Growing Your Business is Our Business

As a business person, you already know that it takes money to make money. With a huge selec­tion of business loans, Rocky Mountain Bank can help you get that new building that would be perfect for your next big idea. 

We offer loans for every situ­a­tion that will help your business grow, from real estate loans to equip­ment loans to plain-old business loans for cash flow correc­tions or fleeting invest­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties. Talk to a team member today to kick off your next big thing.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Is real estate your business? Or are you starting a new venture that needs a place to grow? Rocky Mountain Bank can help you find and fund build­ings for your business or resi­den­tial or commer­cial income property. New construc­tion is also a go with this all-encom­pass­ing loan.

With flexible terms, rate options, and amor­ti­za­tion terms, we’ll find some­thing that will work for you and your business. Reach out to a friendly expert lender today and take a baby step to a big deal for your business.

Business Line of Credit

There are no missed oppor­tu­ni­ties with the Business Line of Credit at Rocky Mountain Bank. Bridge the gap in your cash flow, stock up on inven­tory, or invest in some­thing to get a leg up on the competition. 

Enjoy the conve­nience of being able to sweep line of credit funds into your account each day to minimize the total interest expense. Borrow what you need when you need it and nego­ti­ate flexible terms and repay­ment rates with our friendly lending team. Get in touch or stop by today to get started. 

Equipment Loans

Sometimes you need equip­ment to finish a job that goes beyond your budget. Rocky Mountain Bank’s got your business’ back with Equipment Loans designed just for this situation. 

With flexible terms and repay­ment plans and compet­i­tive rates, this loan is the perfect tool to help you get your project moving.

Talk to our friendly team about matching repay­ment terms to your cash flow streams.

Loans for Every Business Need

SBA Loans

Government-backed Small Business Administration loans can give you lower down-payment options on much needed assets for your business. Partner with our lending experts to access these compet­i­tive terms without the risks.

Construction Loans

Take your business to the next level with a Construction Loan from Rocky Mountain Bank. Whether you’re expand­ing a current facility or working on some­thing new, RMB offers attrac­tive options to help you build for the future.

Commercial Credit Cards Rocky Mountain Bank

Commercial Credit Cards

There’s a reason the Rocky Mountain Bank Commercial Credit Card makes a great business partner. With fraud protec­tion, rewards points, and more flex­i­bil­ity with your business’ cash flow, boost your business to the next level.

Financial Calculators

Get a wealth of free tools to help you plan for the long run with Rocky Mountain Bank. We have every finan­cial calcu­la­tor you can imagine — loan compar­i­son, mortgage, refi­nanc­ing, auto loan and more. Start planning today!