Rocky Mountain Bank

Cash Management

Rocky Mountain Bank offers a suite of cash management services to help commercial customers plan, organize and control daily cash position.

Our Online Business Banking offer the following services:

Balance Reporting & Alerts

Check current and previous day's balances and transactions, customize detailed reports of account activity, receive notification if your account balance  falls below or rises above a specified amount. Plus, download your banking data into your favorite spreadsheet or database program.

Stop Payments

Place, cancel and review all of your stop payments on-line. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH) 

Initiate a wide variety of electronic fund transfers, including bill pay, payroll and direct deposit - just to name a few.

Internal Transfers

Move money between your accounts with ease. Customizable to give different employees different levels of access to each of your accounts.

Wire Transfers  

Initiate your own domestic or international wire transfers right from your computer. Detailed reports give you quick processing verification and easy reconciliation.


Set up automated transfer between your accounts to take advantage of higher rate accounts, avoid service fees, or cover reoccuring payments.

Tax Payments  

Take care of all of your federal and state tax payments, including payroll, with just a few clicks.


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